Provincial Local Government Commission

Structural Composition

The Provincial Local Government Commission was established in the light of section 122 to 124 of PLGA 2013, which provides that the composition shall consist of the following:-

a. A Chairman who shall be the Minister for Local Government;
b. Three members of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab (two  nominated by the leader of the House and one by leader of opposition in the Assembly)
c. Two eminent, qualified and experienced technocrat members, including at least one woman, selected by the Government and
d. Secretary, Local Government ex-officio Member/ Secretary of the Commission


The Provincial Local Government Commission shall perform its functions under section 123 of PLGA 2013 as under:-

  • Conduct annual and special inspections of  local governments
  • Conduct  inquiry and special audit of any local government
  • Resolve the disputes between any Department of the Government and a local government or between local governments 
  • Conduct social and performance audit of any local government
  • Take cognizance of violations of laws and rules by any local government