Asset Management of Municipal Immovable Properties

LG&CD Department has initiated a project “Asset Management of Municipal Immovable Properties for Punjab TMAs” to introduce transparency, efficiency and accountability through e- governance and ICT/GIS based solutions in TMAs. The project is being implemented by Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company (PMDFC). Scope of the project is:

  • GIS based mapping of  municipal immovable properties of all TMAs in Punjab
  • Detailed documentation & field verification of each asset
  • A uniform coding system for municipal assets based on PIFRA chart of accounts
  • GIS data base and a customized software development for municipal assets inventory and management
  • Customized reporting of Assets related records
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PMDFC field teams have visited 94 TMAs out of 145 till July 23, 2015 to collect data on prescribed survey proformas regarding municipal immovable properties. An open-sourced online software titled as “Municipal Asset Management Information System (MAMIS)” is also being developed by PMDFC to compile the collected data on municipal immovable properties and to track the status in future.