Model Cattle Market Sheikhupura

Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company (LDCMMC) was incorporated on June 16, 2014 as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984. The objective of LDCMMC is to establish, organize, manage, operate and regulate cattle markets, to frame the contracts to outsource internal services, to manage and maintain the services of the Cattle Market.

Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab inaugurated Sheikhupura Model Cattle Market on April 2nd, 2015. Establishment of a Model Cattle Market in Sheikhupura was the first step towards achieving the goals of modern trading facility for sellers and buyers. All basic facilities are provided by LDCMMC in the market. 

  • Free services offered by LDCMMC in the market to general public, traders and farmers are Water, Electricity, Veterinary Services, Shade (sheds), Loading and unloading services, Parking, Security, Cleanliness and Toilets. 
  • Other available services offered through outsourcing in the market are Fodder shops (tokka & without tokka), Turri/Paralli Points, Canteen & Hotels, Khokha & Tea Stalls, Ornamental Shops and Lodging and boarding. 
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  • Professionally trained staff.
  • Outsourcing of Services Contract initially with vendors in various categories amounting to Rs. 4 Million for Sheikhupura Model Cattle Market under PPRA Rules 2014. Contract of Turri/ Paralli point amounting to Rs. 2.5 million have been cancelled due to misconduct – LDCMMC has strict policy to regulate quality, quantity and rate of offered products. Tender published in newspaper for vacant points of Turi/ Paralli, Hotel/ Canteen, Fodder shop without Toka, Ornamental shops and Dormitory.
  • Human Resource Manual of LDCMMC

Future Plans

  • Animal registration through Ear Tagging to address the issue of traceability.
  • Establishment of Promotional Billboards to generate a revenue source.
  • To organize and conduct Livestock Competition Shows and exhibition in order to encourage breed improvement with collaboration of USAID and Pakistan Livestock Breeder Association.
  • Breed wise allocation of days for mandi operation.
  • Provision of Banks and secured cash transactions through banks will increase share of documented national economy. According to the SBP report for year 2013-2014, 80 billion PKR was withdrawn from the ATM’s and Banks 15 days before Eid. This staggering amount is used in Livestock transactions. This huge chunk of the undocumented economy offers tremendous opportunities for the Banks.
  • Installation of Solar System and Biogas System to make cattle market self-sufficient in energy requirements.