Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project - II

The objective of PMSIP II is to improve the viability and effectiveness of urban services provided by the participating urban local governments through strengthening systems for improved planning, resource management, transparency and accountability.
Most of the interventions proposed in the follow on project (PMSIP-II) will assist LG&CDD in achieving the targets mentioned in Urban Sector Development Plan (2014-15 – 2017-18).

Components of PMSIP-II:

  • Infrastructure Development
  1. 60 proposed No. of Solid Waste Management Schemes
  2. Wetlands for 3 towns
  3. Waste Stabilization Ponds for 3 towns
  • Institutional Development
  • GIS based initiatives:
  1. Municipal services maps and land use planning
  2. Mapping of Annual Development Program using GIS
  • Trainings (O&M budgeting, Asset Management, Municipal Services GIS Mapping, PPRA Rules/Contract Management, Solid waste management & other need based trainings)
  • Establishment of Municipal Development Partnership Unit to ensure representation of civil society and elected public representatives in terms of service delivery monitoring
  • Implementation of Centralized KPI based Monitoring System encompassing the service delivery & infrastructure projects as well as management improvement components. The monitoring system shall be based on following already deployed composition in the municipalities:
  1. Computerized Financial Management System 
  2. Complaint Tracking System
  3. Performance Management System 


The project interventions will contribute in eradication of poverty, combating malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability and also in developing a global partnership for development which are part of eight Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations in the year 2000.
The interventions that would be introduced under PMSIP-II will provide LG&CD Department fiscal and technical support to accomplish its 4 year Urban Sector Development Plan (2014-15 – 2017-18).