Elimination of Sewage Ponds from Villages

According to the survey conducted by the LG&CD, there are over 7000 ponds in Punjab. These ponds had been previously used for bathing, washing, drinking for livestock and other purposes. Installation of water supply schemes without planning and absence of disposal system for waste water has turned these ponds into sewage ponds. The rural population is confronting the following issues.
  • Breeding sites for mosquitoes and cause vector diseases increasing the expenditure on curative medicine.
  • Animals drinking water from pond develop various kinds of diseases.
  • Down percolation of waste water contaminating the sub soil water and caused water borne diseases
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For first phase of the Project only those village have been selected where;
  • The ponds are located in state lands or "Shamlat Deh" lands;
  • Seepage drain or sullage carrier exists near the village/pond;
  • It is possible to discharge the pond water in seepage drain by gravity.
No. of eliminated ponds Allocation (In million) Expenditure
211 2647 2205




Area Reclaimed 500 acres
Cost of Re-claimed Land 4 billion
Population benefitted 2 million
No. of villages served 168