What We Do?

The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department was created to respond to the specific needs of the mega cities and urban districts of Punjab for good governance. The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department has been assigned the responsibility to implement Punjab Local Government Ordinance (PLGO) 2001 to achieve the stated objectives of the Devolution Plan. Moreover, the LG&CD Department has an over-seeing role to ensure that the local governments perform their functions within the provincial framework and observe to the federal and provincial laws.
  • Network of water supply
  • Network of sanitation and conservancy
  • Land use control
  • Zoning, master planning
The Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP) was incorporated, in November 1997. It is currently operating in 28 districts of Punjab with the "Core" Program and through other interventions in partnership with the Government(s) and certain donors.
Government of Punjab is very conscious about the non-existent system of the solid waste management in villages of Punjab and is keen to see "Litter free Punjab" in the forthcoming years.
With the cost of Rs. 500 million, 78 sewage ponds located in villages are being eliminated during the current financial year. According to the survey conducted by the LG&CD, it has been revealed that there are over 7000 ponds in Punjab.
During the current financial year 2014-15, two model cattle markets are being constructed as model cattel markets, one at Sheikhupura and other at Faisalabad. These model cattle markets will have the following features.