What We Do
The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department has been assigned the responsibility to implement Punjab Local Government Act (PLGA) 2019 to achieve the stated objectives of the Government. Moreover, the LG&CD Department has an over-seeing role to ensure that the local governments perform their functions within the provincial framework and adhere to the federal and provincial laws. The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department was created to respond to the specific needs of the mega cities and largely urban districts of Punjab for good governance.


LG&CD Department has designed IT based project with the objective of transformation from manual to e-governance mode for better management, future planning, decision making, transparency, good governance and for effective performance of municipal service delivery (cost of the scheme is Rs.371.193 million). View the details on the dashboard
The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program will improve the quality of life of the residents living in the selected cities of Punjab. It will transform the intermediate cities into urban centers which are more efficient, accountable & serve as an engine of economic growth and sustainable development. This aim will be achieved by addressing urban development challenges at city level.
Local Government and Community Development Department (LG&CDD), Government of the Punjab is going to launch Punjab Cities Program (PCP), amounted 200 million USD for 16 selected cities. The development objective of PCP is to strengthen the performance of participating urban local governments in urban management and service delivery. The LG&CDD, with assistance from the Punjab Local Government Board and Punjab.
Upon the directions of the Chief Minister, a comprehensive strategy has been devised, for restructuring and reform in operation of Cattle Markets and their management to discourage extortion, corruption, role of middlemen and official mafias. In this connection, nine cattle market management companies have been established in each division. These companies will take over the operations of the existing cattle markets and improve facilities and livestock trading environment in the province.
LG&CD Department has initiated a project “Asset Management of Municipal Immovable Properties for Punjab TMAs” to introduce transparency, efficiency and accountability through e- governance and ICT/GIS based solutions in TMAs. The project is being implemented by Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company (PMDFC). GIS based mapping of municipal immovable properties of all TMAs in Punjab. Detailed documentation & field verification of each asset. A uniform coding system for municipal assets based on PIFRA chart of accounts.