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What We Do?

The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department was created to respond to the specific needs of the mega cities and urban districts of Punjab for good governance. The Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department has been assigned the responsibility to implement Punjab Local Government Ordinance (PLGO) 2001 to achieve the stated objectives of the Devolution Plan. Moreover, the LG&CD Department has an over-seeing role to ensure that the local governments perform their functions within the provincial framework and observe to the federal and provincial laws.
  • Network of water supply
  • Network of sanitation and conservancy
  • Land use control
  • Zoning, master planning
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According to the survey conducted by the LG&CD, there are over 7000 ponds in Punjab.
Government of Punjab is very conscious about the non-existent system of the solid waste
Upon the directions of the Chief Minister, a comprehensive strategy has been devised, for restructuring and reform in operation
The objective of PMSIP II is to improve the viability and effectiveness of urban services provided by the participating
LG&CD Department has initiated a project “Asset Management of Municipal Immovable Properties for Punjab TMAs” to introduce transparency,
Unsafe drinking water can lead to several diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, intestinal worms and hepatitis and a number of deaths occur within the province Punjab as a result of water-borne diseases.
Keeping in view the miserable condition of Public Graveyards in the Province, the Govt. of Punjab is allocating funds Rs.1.00 billion every year
The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program will improve the quality of life of the residents living in the selected cities of Punjab.