The major functions and responsibilities of Local Government & Community Development Department are:

Policy Formulation

Formulation of public policy and its promulgation; updating of laws, rules and providing guidelines for the working of local government departments. Besides, LG&CD Department issues policy guidelines on salient issues, in the best interest of citizens.


The department coordinates with federal/provincial government departments and allied agencies as well as all the three tiers of local governments on the issues pertaining to the new local government system.


The department is responsible for the recruitments and administration of service personnel working in its attached departments.

Our other functions include:

  • Provide, manage, operate, maintain and improve the municipal infrastructure and services
  • Manage properties and assets vested in local governments
  • Enforcement of municipal laws and regulations
  • Levy local taxes/fees to generate income
  • Frame bye-laws to regulate municipal services
  • Take cognizance of municipal offences and enforcement
  • Exercise general powers and procedures as are enumerated in Eighth Schedule
  • Perform functions within the provincial framework