Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PICIIP)

The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program will improve the quality of life of the residents living in the selected cities of Punjab. It will transform the intermediate cities into urban centers which are more efficient, accountable and serve as an engine of economic growth and sustainable development. This aim will be achieved by addressing urban development challenges at city level including city integrated planning, improved institutional framework for urban services, strengthened business processes of utilities and improved urban infrastructure and services.

The Government of Punjab's vision is to provide cities with upgraded sustainable infrastructure and connectivity for faster economic growth and higher productivity with opportunity for inclusive growth and sustained quality of life for its citizens. In the Urban Economic Growth Strategy of the Government of Punjab, it has advance initiatives with focus on development of cities as a hub for development, sustained growth with the aim that economies in the cities is significant. It argues that cities are far more efficient and competitive by virtue of strengthening the role of the government as policy maker and regulator. The role of the private sector in developing infrastructure and providing services is also advanced as the need for providing a supportive environment and conditions for ease for doing business is essential. This also entails efficient service delivery institutions which are professionally managed, set up and incentivized for performance in cities as major contributors in an efficient and smart city. 

Government of Punjab has rightly focused on the development of cities as a livable, economically vibrant entity of economic hub, contributing in the economic growth through its Governance and Institutional Reform program in cities. The six large cities governance and improvement in service delivery aspect is addressed in World Bank funded for Punjab Governance Improvement Investment Program (PCGIP).

Major Cities


  • Sialkot
  • Sahiwal


  • Sargodha
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Muzaffargar




Public Spaces

Upgrading parks and greenbelt (fencing and development of jogging tracks, parking areas, sports grounds, cafeteria, theatre and toilets)

Solid Waste Management 

Landfill site in both cities and procurement of equipment for solid waste management facility

Road Upgradation

Upgradation of city streets

Water Meters

DNI Zone, installation of SCADA system, postpaid meters and replacement of pipes

Sewage Equipment

Provision of sewage management equipment

Sahiwal STP

Procurement of plant: Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant

Rehabilitation of OHRs and Tubewells

  • Provisioning of office space and furniture for CIU, SWC and MC
  • Replacement of damaged and asbestos pipes
  • Replacement of turbine pumps and motors

Wastewater Pump Station

  • Rehabilitation of disposal/pumping stations
  • Replacement of sewer
  • Unblocking of local drains

Bus Terminal

  • Establishment of control center and installation of traffic signals
  • Construction of bus terminal