IT Based Monitoring System

LG&CD Department has designed IT based project with the objective of transformation from manual to e-governance mode for better management, future planning, decision making, transparency, good governance and for effective performance of municipal service delivery (cost of the scheme is PKR 371.193 Million). Under this scheme PITB with the assistance of PMDFC will develop central dashboard at department’s level, where all the components/computerized system will be synchronized and all requisite information of each local government will be readily available online which will be useful for policy/decision making and future planning in each sector.


The program will strengthen the LG&CD Department to ensure improved service delivery through digitization of existing manual systems and performance management in the following sectors.

  • Sanitation and Solid Waste Management 
  • Human Resource Management Information System and bio-metric attendance
  • E-Bidding / E-Auctioning
  • E-Billing System for taxation and fees collection
  • Building Control Management System
  • Financial Management System
  • Water Supply and Disposal System
  • Assets Management Information System
  • Annual Development Program
  • Daak Management System
  • Complaint Redressal System
  • Performance Management by Monitoring of KPIs