Local Government Development Package


The program will reinforce and provide necessary infrastructure in rural and urban areas for socio-economic development of the community and infrastructure built through this program will provide support for implementation of Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Deehat Program.


  • Construction and rehabilitation of streets and drains; this will include soling, PCC etc
  • Cleanliness of swamps and elimination of stagnant water
  • Construction of boundary wall of small graveyards
  • Construction of waiting and shade area for bus stops
  • Provision of electricity LT poles without transformer


  • Support Local Government/Union Councils through improved infrastructure and capacity buildings
  • Improvement of graveyards
  • Improvement of Solid Waste Management through infrastructure support and capacity building

Notification - District Steering Committees

Identification of Dumping Sites

Appointment of Focal Person at District Level

Notification - Creation of Special Cell for LGDP