Local Government Development Package


The program will reinforce and provide necessary infrastructure in rural and urban areas for socio-economic development of the community and infrastructure built through this program will provide support for implementation of Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Deehat Program.


  • Construction and rehabilitation of streets and drains; this will include soling, PCC etc
  • Cleanliness of swamps and elimination of stagnant water


  • Support Local Government/Union Councils through improved infrastructure and capacity buildings
  • Improvement of graveyards
  • Improvement of Solid Waste Management through infrastructure support and capacity building

Filing of applications for vacation of stay orders (All DCs, Punjab)

Filing of applications for vacation of stay orders (Advocate General, Punjab)

One time advance funds for all Rural UCs

Instructions to all deputy Commissioners for release of funds

Guidelines for LGDP from P&D Department

Notification - District Steering Committees

Identification of Dumping Sites

Appointment of Focal Person at District Level

Notification - Creation of Special Cell for LGDP