Cattle Market Management Company D.G Khan

Cattle Market Management Company (CMMC), Dera Ghazi Khan Division was established on 16th June, 2014 and is incorporated under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 by the Government of Punjab with the mandate to standardize and modernize the cattle markets and trading business for improving the quality of cattle, their traceability and export to regional, national and international markets. 

Cattle Market Management Company D.G Khan Division was established under section 195-B (1) of PLGO, 2001 under section 42 of Company Ordinance 1984 w.e.f.16th June 2014.



Role of contractors has been abandoned since 1st July 2014. No fees and charges are levied en bloc rather in future only services used by buyers and sellers will be charged. Role of middlemen has also been lessened, that buyers and sellers should directly interact and perform business transactions which are mutually beneficial for one another. Recruitment of core staff has successfully been completed and they have taken over affairs of the company. The core team has carried out baseline of all cattle markets in DG Khan Division to assess existing services and facilities available for buyers and sellers. Based on the results of baseline, services will be outsourced and managed in best possible manner. CMMC DG Khan is engaging different stakeholders like private sector, donors, business community and allied government departments for capacity development and institutional building to offer quality services on sustainable basis.  

Future Plans

The future plans for the cattle market are:

  • Cattle markets will be open for business at least 4 days a week
  • Outsourcing of allied services within the market to facilitate buyers and sellers
  • Trading of disease-free animals through quality assurance 
  • Complaint redressal system to address issues faced by the visitors 
  • Data management for better market and business environment 
  • Fully computerized trading transactions for informed decision making 
  • Professional management (company base management) through experienced business and technical professionals