Clean Drinking Water For All (CDWA) Project

Unsafe drinking water can lead to several diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, intestinal worms and hepatitis and a number of deaths occur within the province Punjab as a result of water-borne diseases.
Government of Pakistan launched the project “Clean Drinking Water for All”, efforts are underway to install one water purification plant (capacity of plant varies i.e. 500/1000/2000 gallons/hour) in each Union Council of Pakistan.

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During January-February 2015, LG&CD Department conducted 364 Water Samples from PCSIR Laboratory of those water sources of Lahore, Kasur, Okara and Bahawalpur from where water is being consumed for drinking by the general public. Out of these 364 Water Samples, 329 were found contaminated with Arsenic and Bacteria elements and hazardous for human health. Due to the worst condition of water, the Chief Minister Punjab, has revived  the “Clean Drinking Water for All Project” to provide healthy, safe and clean drinking water to the community initially in four cities at Lahore, Kasur, Okara and Bahawalpur with 307 Water Filtration Plants as detailed below;

District Plants
Lahore 215
Kasur 50
Okara 10
Bahawalpur 32
Total 307

These Water Filtration Plants have been imported from Germany and in order to ensure quality of the material, pre-shipment of the membranes is being conducted by the International Consultant at Germany as well as post-shipment inspections at Pakistan. 

Third Party Validation of the work is also being undertaken after the installation of plant to maintain level of quality work. Three years Operation and Maintenance is part of the project and M/S KSB Pumps Company shall be responsible for the same. This project will ensure provision of quality drinking water to the residents and will help to control water born diseases.