Improvement of Public Graveyards

Keeping in view the miserable condition of Public Graveyards in the Province, the Govt. of Punjab is allocating funds Rs.1.00 billion every year for the improvement of public graveyards and to provide following facilities:-

  • Boundary wall
  • Pacca platform for offering funeral prayers
  • Lighting arrangements
  • Proper storm-water drainage arrangements within the graveyards
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The schemes are identified by public representatives and Priority has been provided to the graveyards that serve more population and have at least 40% of their area vacant for future usage. Concerned District Government prepared PC-I of the schemes and District Development Committee (DDC) approved the scheme.  The total 2168 graveyards has been completed till financial year 2014-15

Year No of Graveyards
2014-2015 779
2013-2014 685
2012-2013 704
Total 2168