Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Dehat Programme


The situation in villages with regarding to cleaning is very poor.  This program will improve a lot in the sanitation situation of the villages. This program will make sure the cleaning of drains, street sweeping and collection of solid waste from the village streets. The disposal of solid waste from the villages and elimination of stagnant water from these villages will improve the general environment and healthy conditions will be resulted in. 
In Punjab 69.9 million people residing in rural areas generate approximately 20,000 tons per day of municipal waste. There are thousands of waste heaps lying in the rural landscape of Punjab destroying its beauty and future of population living in the country. There are risks of diseases as well as accumulation of pollutants in to the food chain. With the passage of time and use of modern commodities nature of the waste in rural areas has shifted from nature friendly organic to plastic and other dangerous ingredients. Waste management in rural areas can no longer be neglected and it requires long term solution that caters all environmental constraints. It can no longer be neglected and shifting of waste heaps from place to place should be avoided. A medium and long-term solution must be implemented if future of country is to be secured. In medium term, thousands of waste heaps should be reduced to few hundred by collecting waste in a proper manner and transporting it to dedicated dump sites. In long term, all the waste should be directed to few dozen technically designed and maintained landfill sites. 
Government of Punjab is very conscious about the “almost non-existent system” Solid Waste Management (“SWM”) system in villages (“Rural Areas”) of Punjab. Moreover, Local Government Department believes that if the streets and street drains are not paved or properly maintained then rural sanitation will be a failure. 


  • Desilting of drains of villages
  • Sweeping and cleaning of streets of villages
  • Lifting of solid waste / heaps of garbage in the villages
  • Transportation and dump off solid waste to the designated dump/landfill sites at UC level


  • Improvement of sanitation situation in line with the sustainable development goals;
  • Improving public health conditions through minimizing the negative impacts associated with inappropriate waste management practices in rural areas;
  • Reducing environmental impacts due to inappropriate management of rural solid waste through selecting best suitable technology for collection, transportation and disposal; 
  • Enhance community relation by demonstrating a commitment to environment protection; and 
  • Involvement of private sector in primary and secondary waste transportation

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